Friday, May 4, 2018

Online Shopping Fraud (Dejure Technologies Lahore)

Hello friends,

Today I have a topic for online shoppers. There are a lot of online shopping companies working in Pakistan and abroad as well. In some of them are good names like, and several others ,

Today I will let you know about the Dejure Technologies Lahore. It is a fraud and a scam company , because in the beginning when you purchase anything, they will give you guarantees and quality assurance, but unfortunately they are playing games with innocent people. Recently I purchased Wecast device and they give me a refund guarantee if in case it not work properly.  Also I recorded their Business Development Manager Mr. Zeeshan Awan's SMSs for future reference.  His mobile number is 0306-4427477. Maybe the company is unaware from these matters. I searched this company online, but never found any contact or any website they have. Mr. Zeeshan Awan is just using and several other free classifieds . I got a packet where they coated a company name, so I contacted and asked about Mr Zeeshan Awan and their products. I was very shocked to hear from that we don't have any offices in Lahore and they totally denied everything .

So I assumed that Mr Zeeshan Awan is just using to scam people.

Now this device is not working. First I requested to guide me please, but they still ignored and also they are not picking the call. I sent several sms messages , and then he told me I am really sorry we cannot return or refund this item. I have 2 more LCDs where I checked this device,  but it is still not working on these 2 as well.

I purchased this device at 2000 PKR, believe me 2000 is not the matter, the matter is commitment of the company and their products.  So they are playing games with innocent people to scam and fraud. I warned and alert everyone don't go and make any deal or purchase with Mr Zeeshan Awan. He don't have any good reputation anymore.  Be careful .

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Wazir Khan 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Solar Power Technology

Have you noticed walking through your neighborhood that more and more people are getting off the electricity grid and going solar? For years, I've looked at the prospect of an environmental friendly alternative to traditional electricity generation and have always come up with the same conclusion, solar power is just too expensive for the amount of power that you can generate. Things have changed and solar power has become much more attractive to the average home owner. Home owners with high electricity demand whether it be from having a large family, swimming pool pumps running, mkedical equipment, air conditioning units, electric vehicles, or a host of other power eating devices can benefit by reducing their effective energy rate through either a full or partial conversion from the electrical grid to solar power on their roof tops. To understand what has changed, we need to look at the industry as a whole and at the technology involved in solar power generation.

In the United States, the United States Federal Government provides homeowners with a 30% Federal Tax Credit to incentivize the movement to a greener environmentally friendlier method of generating power for your home. Much of the electricity that we consume comes from coal, hydroelectric and even nuclear power generation. Once produced, this power travels hundreds of miles through high power lines, transformers and substations in order to make it into your home. All of this comes at a cost. Solar panel on your rooftop nearly eliminates the dependency on the grid. Instead, power is generated on your rooftop through photovoltaic panels and travel 10 to 20 feet into your home. Power that you use is yours, power that you don't use goes back to the electric grid and is used as a credit in a process called net metering. Other factors that have made solar power more attractive is the advances in technology. Photovoltaic panels have become more powerful with some exceeding 300 watts per panel while at the same time shrinking in size with the advances in efficiency per panel. The bottom line is that it takes less roof space to design a system that can offset your annual electrical usage. Finally, solar companies are working hard to encourage the average homeowner to generate their own electricity. Nearly all solar companies have designed financing programs to fit almost any household. These financing programs are typically no money down and you can acquire the solar system on a purchase, financed purchase, lease or Power Purchase Agreement where you pay the solar company for the power you consume at a rate lower than the utilities in your area. Leading companies are providing 18 months same as cash financing until such time that you receive the tax credit and determine if you want to pay down your system or pay a higher rate and keep the fund from the tax credit. As you walk through your neighborhood, keep your eyes on the roof tops and you will see more and more people switching to solar. Through the years, I have taken a hard look at solar and have found that the time is now given that each month I would save money even after financing a solar system. Adding up the Federal Tax Credit and financing programs through your solar company or third party lender, solar will almost always save you money.

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Saturday, January 28, 2017

How to make money through Referral Program?

I just signed up at SurveyClub where I answered a few questions about myself.  Next, I was matched up with surveys that I might qualify for and completed the ones I was interested in.  I get paid for each survey I complete, and sometimes I get paid even when I don't qualify for a survey.

They also send me survey invitations by email, so I don't have to keep logging into my account, which is very convenient.

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Make Money Online

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Friday, January 30, 2015

Payoneer Affiliate Program

Payoneer Affiliate Program

Payoneer empowers globally commerce by professionals, businesses, countries and currencies with its cross border payments platform. In the present digital world, Payoneer connected millions of businesses and professionals from more than 200 countries worldwide. Additionally thousands of leading businesses and companies like a google, infolinks, Odesk and are using Payoneer services to collect payments for their customers.

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Monetize your Blog and Website

Hi, is the leading company for content-driven commerce. The largest and biggest publisher and Advertising network. Viglink monetizes content that drives commerce for around 3,00,000 websites/bloggers and work with more than 35,000 merchants to drive their sales.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Playing Games of Skill Online for Money

Online casinos have become the stars of online entertainment options, coming from a somewhat discredited position into the mainstream and offering well thought out, fun and easy to use service for millions of people. They offer an incredible range of games from classic casino games like roulette, blackjack or poker to a new and always improving list of games created by the most talented programmers in the field. The only thing to match their entertainment value is their security, a key point when it comes to their increased popularity. By adding high quality security, numerous checks and an easy to use deposit and withdrawal system as well as a state of the art 24/7 customer support service online casinos managed to win the trust of their potential users and even provide a money making service for many professional gamblers out there.

Websites like Playmillion casino online managed to perfectly blend security measures, game diversity, new additions and fun to attract millions of users that either come to the website for entertainment purposes or to try to make a living by making money. Some of the star games of these websites are games of skill. They are games that have their outcome determined by the player’s mental or physical skill and not by chance or a random process. Depending on exactly what kind of games users choose to play, the requirements can range.

Some games require expert reaction times and dexterity, or hand eye coordination while other require mental acuity, a large vocabulary, logic capabilities or the ability to solve word and number puzzles in a set time frame.

Skill games are quickly becoming one of the most popular choices on casino websites because they challenge the skills of the users and create an almost addictive need to improve.

They are also appreciated for their entertainment value as the outcome is controlled by the player and not a random computer generated process. So the next time you go on an online casino make sure you give skill games a try.

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